Heritage Health Centre Covid-10 Protocols

Please know that you may wear your own mask, or ask for one from your practitioner. You may also ask your practitioner to wear a mask.

● Wash your hands thoroughly with hot soapy water in the second floor bathroom before entering the clinic. We will also have hand sanitizer available outside the front door.

● Chairs in the waiting room are spaced 2 metres apart for physical distancing. Please do not move these chairs. Your practitioner will meet you and take you into the treatment room.

● Payments and re-booking will take place within treatment rooms - we ask that you open the door slightly to signal when you are dressed, and the practitioner will come back into the room. E-transfers are encouraged. If you prefer to pay by cheque, please have this prepared ahead of time or you can fill in the final amount in the treatment room if necessary. Exact cash transactions are also acceptable, however, change cannot be made at this time.

● If you would like water, please bring your own water bottle as the water stand is not available at this time.

● After your appointment, please wash your hands, feel free to use the toilet if necessary and promptly leave the building, to help minimize the number of people in the building.